The Importance of Having a Primary Care Doctor


Having a primary care doctor is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, especially if you’re feeling unwell.

A primary care doctor is the first person to see if you have symptoms of any sort, no matter how minor or severe they may be. They will help diagnose your illness, prescribe medication, and refer you to specialists if needed.

If you have an urgent matter that requires immediate attention, they’ll be able to provide care right away.

Most people go to the emergency room when they need urgent medical attention. However, this isn’t always necessary — your primary care doctor can handle most issues, although they may recommend going to an emergency room if your condition is more severe.

Having someone who knows you well and has been treating you for years means they can give you the best possible care.

If you’re looking for a primary care provider in Charlotte, North Carolina, you should consider visiting Prime Health Medical Clinic.

Our team of expert doctors in palliative medicine in North Carolina can help you with all of your medical needs.

We also provide annual physical exams for adults and children alike.

If you’re unable to visit our clinic, we offer telemedicine services, so you can speak with one of our doctors via video or phone call.

You can schedule your appointment by calling our medical clinic at 704-940-5588.

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